New! Writing Flash Fiction Self-Paced Course begins Dec 4



Begins Dec 4, 2017

Registration now open!

Are you flash-curious?

Maybe you are already in love with these tiny stories. Maybe you come from another tradition and are eager to try your hand at the form. Either way, this course is your invitation to flash fiction.

Flash fiction is redefining how we tell stories. By embracing this compressed form, all writers–from poets to novelists to nonfiction writers–are cultivating a new set of skills and creating an entirely new kind of story.

In this course you will try new approaches to the compressed narrative,  examine what makes successful flash fiction, and generate your own original flash pieces.

This is an extended version of my 3-week live workshop which writers always said “went too fast!” It has 5 Units (you could do one per week or any timeline you like) and I’m offering some bonuses for those who register in December including a private Facebook space to converse with other writers taking the course.

The cost is $97 and this gives you 12 full months of access to all the materials.

This course is open to writers with all levels of experience in the form, whether you are brand new to flash fiction or a veteran flasher looking to hone your craft.


(It may take up to 24 hours to receive your access code)

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