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Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction 

July 27-31, 2020

Registration open!

homunIn celebration of what would have been the release of my new book, Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction (forthcoming 2021 from Ad Hoc Fiction, stay tuned!), I’m running the workshop that started it all (in 2013)!

This 5-day generative class will use chapters from Going Short to examine the fundamentals of flash, try a variety of approaches to the compressed narrative, discuss what makes successful flash, and generate your own original flash pieces.

This course is open to writers with all levels of experience in the form, whether you are brand new to flash fiction, a writer coming from other genres, or a veteran flasher looking for a dose of inspiration and some writing camaraderie.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at

**In solidarity with Corona-craziness, I will continue to offer (limited) discounts on all my classes this summer.

Workshop Fees: $149

Register before July 15: $125


Happy Writing!

Nancy Stohlman’s Going Short workshop is an exceptional value, an investment in one’s writing that will produce a substantial return for those who take advantage of all her workshop has to offer. An experienced educator who willing shares her insights into the writing process, I found Nancy Stohlman’s writing exercises and feedback on my flash stories to be invaluable. Within a few days of the final session, I had my first acceptance for a story that I revised using techniques gleaned from the Going Short workshop. I highly recommend Going Short to beginners and seasoned flash writers. ~Roberta Beary 

Nancy’s feedback and insights were invaluable. Her generosity and thoughtfulness create an atmosphere where authenticity can flourish. Over the five days of the course, I wrote in ways that surprised me and made me excited to keep going. ~ Michael Wynne

OK, so maybe I’m a Stohlman junkie. In fact, maybe I’m the FIRST Stohlman junkie, since I took the first flash fiction class she taught way back when flash was still a kid in short pants. She has influenced the genre since the beginning, helping to shape the very definitions of the flash story, novella and novel. Her seminars are always sold out, and she delivers, stretching our writer muscles to tell our stories exactly as they should be told. At a retreat in Colorado last summer, there were flash editors and writers with myriad publications, back to sharpen their skills under her guidance. I guarantee that working with her will reveal your best writing. Don’t miss a chance to study with this pro! ~Sarah Russell

It’s no surprise, as Nancy is such an eclectic creative, that you’ll also see she’s a great teacher.  Her “Going Short” flash fiction course has been an exceptional plus:  thoughtful craft guidance, colorful examples of writing, and most of all, a knack for making you feel valued, as a writer.  If you want to further your knowledge, and get constructive attention, Nancy hits all the right notes. I consider this workshop to one of the best writing-related projects that I’ve joined. ~ Trent Simoneaux

‘Going Short’ is a great flash fiction course. Nancy Stohlman’s daily prompts for techniques, with links to excellent  published examples, were inspiring.  It was amazing to see the exciting new work generated by other participants. We gave and received constructive feedback on each others work and Nancy’s comments were especially helpful.  Based in the UK, I’d never thought of joining a course run from the USA before lockdown – this has given me much greater confidence to do this and helped me spread my writing wings across continents! ~Clare Marsh

Nancy Stohlman’s flash workshops are the real deal.  Given her experiences in both flash writing and teaching, she understands what it takes to lead a workshop and help writers find and hone their voices.  Her feedback is succinct and insightful and infused with her charm, wit, and emotional reactions.  What’s more is that I have been very impressed with the crowd drawn to her workshop offerings and stunned by the quality work those writers have put forth.  Not only has that work been a challenge and pleasure to work with, but it has encouraged me to up my game and challenge myself.  These workshops are plenty worth the time and money.  I’ll take more in the future!  ~Jeff Burd

Nancy Stohlman is not only a gifted writer, editor, and teacher, but she’s proven to be a trusted mentor and tireless cheerleader for new and emerging writers. She inspires you to achieve higher levels of writing, while giving you the tools to do so. If you’re serious about the craft of writing, take one of Nancy’s fast-paced workshops and take your writing to the next level! ~Todd Clay Stuart

Nancy’s workshop felt welcoming from day one. Her communication style is open, friendly, and approachable. I especially liked the videos she made to accompany her daily prompts which gave the workshop a personalized feel as well as providing great writing tips and anecdotes. Her comments on and suggestions for my work were invaluable. It’s obvious she reads the participants’ work closely and individually. I highly recommend working with Nancy whenever you have the opportunity and I look forward to doing so again. ~Charlotte Hamrick

“I feel very lucky to have taken three of Nancy’s workshops. They have all been fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Not only are they well-organized and in-depth, but Nancy has a knack for making course material accessible in a way that also reaches beyond writing at times, pulling examples from other mediums to bring a point across in a different way. No one else does that, and I love it! The classes have introduced me to some of my new favorite authors and ways of approaching stories that I’ve not encountered anywhere else. These courses have stretched my skills and my writing has only grown stronger as a result. My only wish is that there were more of them on offer.” ~ Sara Hill

“I am always blown away by Nancy’s insights, comments and concrete suggestions and the deep attention given to each piece by the other writers. Of all the real life and online workshops I have participated in, Stohlman Workshops have provided me with the best critique, guidance and greatest sense of connectedness, albeit brief, to other writers. The materials are organized, clear and interesting. Nancy’s expertise as an instructor, editor and writer are greatly appreciated. I am challenged but never intimidated. Nancy embodies what it means to be a great teacher: she remembers what it was like not to know how, breaks the objective down into manageable lessons, gently guides and raucously encourages every success.”~Katherine Beck


Write a Flash Novel

Aug 24-Sept 4, 2020

Registration opens July 27!

7ce163b50c8d11cda50c0af6d803e41cDo you have a large, book-length idea that you’ve been wanting to bring to fruition? Do you love the intensity of FlashNano or NaNoWriMo? Then get ready: In 10 days we will create a literal “flash flood” and you will leave the workshop with the bones (at least) of a flash novel.

What’s a flash novel? With the scope and complexity of a novel, and the size and ingenuity of flash fiction, the flash novel is a new type of book, a breakout genre that can deliver a sophisticated reading experience in a compact space. In this workshop will envision, draft, collage and create the momentum for that large-scale idea you have been wanting to tackle.

Participants should come with a basic understanding of flash fiction and have ideas for a book-length concept.

“Nancy Stohlman’s Flash Novel workshop was so helpful and so much fun I took it twice. Nancy’s wonderful course materials—readings, commentaries, exercises, critiques—arrive each morning like a magical gift to unwrap with the day’s first coffee. Now I’m hoping she’ll offer a Flash Novel Next Steps workshop!” ~ Sally Reno

“Nancy will help you to become a better writer—while having an awesome time. The best thing about working with her is that it doesn’t feel like work; the atmosphere is positive, generative, encouraging. I took her “Write a Flash Novel” class. These days I’ve become a slower, finicky writer, but her class pushed me out of my finickiness and into producing work. I wrote the hell out of those two weeks. Every day there was an inspiring prompt and lesson. It coaxed me out of dull perfectionism and allowed me to make a mess (a requisite for any artist).” ~Leonora Desar

“ancy is a gifted teacher and coach, striking just the right balance between inspiration and discipline. In her Flash Novel workshop, I learned how to let go of preconceived ideas about my material and explore its larger possibilities for characters, structure, and plot. By the end of the class, I had lots of great ideas and a road map for getting them on the page.” ~Pedro Ponce

“The day I signed up for Nancy Stohlman’s “Flash Flood: Write a Flash Novel” workshop, I entered with five underdeveloped ideas. By the workshops conclusion, one of these ideas blossomed into a cast of characters with personalized desires, humor encompassed in varying flash forms, and previews of my fellow writers flash novels in-progress. This workshop enables writers to construct a table of contents, toy with characters (new and old), and exchange ideas on how to proceed in writing their novel in flash once the workshop ends.” ~K.B. Carle

“Nancy Stohlman’s Novel-in-Flash Workshop was a thoroughly rewarding experience. Nancy was an encouraging and passionate instructor. She fostered a supportive community of writers. Her knowledge of flash fiction helped me move out of my comfort zone and try out different techniques I would otherwise have been afraid of trying.”~Candace Hartsuyker

“Nancy Stohlman’s Novella in Flash Workshop moved my writing ahead in a direction I never imagined.  Before it began, I feared I’d signed up for more than I could handle. But, in a ‘flash’, Nancy, a generous person, with an infectious creative spirit assuaged those worries. From the first workshop day to the last I received encouragement and insightful responses to my writing.” ~Jo Goren

“Nancy’s class was a delight to take. Her incorporation of multimedia into each day’s approach motivated me on new levels, and her prompts opened doors to reimagining my stories in ways I had never before considered. The focus ss on creation, not critique, which offered a comfort in that foggy, not-knowing phase of writing, something I’ve long struggled to find. This class was the gentle push I needed to dive head first into my ideas and let them carry me for while, before taking the reins. Thank you!”~Meagan Johanson




NEW! Flash Flurry: Three-Day Revision Intensive 


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What do you do after FlashNano is over? You revise.

Just in time for your New Year’s Resolution, in this 3-day intensive we will revise some of your flash fiction drafts and get them ready for the next page! As serious writers, you know it’s through the editing process that we begin to refine and sculpt our messages. You will learn how to achieve the specific needs of flash fiction as I guide you and other participants to edit your real works in progress.

Participants should have a basic understanding of flash fiction and come to the class with flash pieces already in progress. This is an online workshop format class with limited space.

Questions? Shoot me a message below:


Writing Flash Fiction (Self-Paced) Course


Are you flash-curious?


Maybe you are already in love with these tiny stories. Maybe you come from another tradition and are eager to try your hand at the form. Either way, this course is your invitation to flash fiction.

Flash fiction is redefining how we tell stories. By embracing this compressed form, all writers–from poets to novelists to nonfiction writers–are cultivating a new set of skills and creating an entirely new kind of story.

In this course you will try new approaches to the compressed narrative, examine what makes successful flash fiction, and generate your own original flash pieces.

This is an extended version of my 3-week live workshop which writers always said “went too fast!” It has 5 Units and I’m offering some bonuses including a private Facebook space to converse with other writers taking the course. As a self-paced class you can go at your own speed through the lectures, examples and assignments.

This course is open to writers with all levels of experience in the form, whether you are brand new to flash fiction or a veteran flasher looking to hone your craft.

Other questions? Contact me below:


Editing Flash Fiction: Masterclass: TBA

Editing is the most important part of the writing process. As serious writers, you know it’s through the editing process that we begin to refine and sculpt our messages.But just as writing flash fiction requires a different set of skills, so does editing flash fiction.

article-2337449-1a32cffb000005dc-882_634x439In this 3-week intensive we will use the tools of ambiguity and implication; we will learn the different between chipping and chopping; we will learn how to shrink-wrap and swap text. You will learn how to achieve the specific needs of flash fiction as I guide you and other participants to edit your real works in progress.

Participants should have a basic understanding of flash fiction and come to the class with flash pieces already in progress. Each participant will have the opportunity to submit 1-2 stories per week. This is an online workshop format class with limited space.

“Nancy has a way with words, certainly, but she also has a way with people that allows her classes to take on a spirit that exceeds instruction or even guidance. Her consistent support and empathy is tempered with gentle nudges to step out of our comfort zones and approach our work, not with abandon, but with careful attention and encouragement.”

~Mara Eve Robbins

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