Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series

Monthly–3rd Tuesdays Jan-Nov
The Mercury Cafe, Denver
2199 California St
More info here: Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series

Saturday, July 1

Beyond Academia Free Skool and Poetry Camp!

I’ll be teaching Introduction to Flash Fiction during the opening weekend and a follow up Sculpting Flash Fiction in Week Two.

Boulder Creative Collective
2500 47th St, Boulder, Colorado 80301

Check out the entire lineup here

The Intro Weekend kicks off with:
June 30th, 6:30 on Pearl St. – POETS on PEARL:
Come and Read Richard Brautigan with us!
Hosted by Rob Geisen!

At Boulder Writers Warehouse:
July 1st, 10 am – 2 pm – You Talkin’ to Me!? taught by Clint A Locks
2 pm – 5 pm – Intro to Flash Fiction by Nancy Stohlman (Soft-Prerequisite to Nancy’s Editing Flash Fiction class during Camp)
July 2nd, 10 am – 1pm – Poetry Chop Shop 1 by Marcus If
2 pm – 5 pm – Workshop by Jack Collom
July 3rd, 2 pm – 5 pm – Women’s Voices by Pamela Twining

After the Boulder Intro Weekend, be sure to check out the rest of camp up in Nederland!

Check out the current Summer Poetry Camp Schedule here:

BAFS (2)


Weds, July 12

Beyond Academia Free Skool and Poetry Camp!
Workshop: Part 2: Sculpting Flash Fiction with Nancy Stohlman
Love Shovel Ranch

Friday, Sept 1

Fbomb at the 2nd Annual Denver Lit Crawl!
Host: Nancy Stohlman
Kathy Fish
Cara Lopez Lee
Karl Fischer
Carol Covington
Leah Rogin-Roper
Ahja Fox
Claire Ibarra
and Girls Just Wanna Have Us!
Stay tuned!

Oct 21

At The Inkwell
Alley Cats
Details TBA


(…you know you want to!)


Online Workshops

Dates TBA

Do you have a manuscript you’ve been sitting on forever? Are you stuck in the writing phase or in the revision process? Most of us are better at starting manuscripts than we are at finishing them. But it’s only when we can conceive, create, and bring our projects to fruition that we begin to master the longer form known as a book.  Whether you are planning to submit or self publish, you’ll learn writing tips, editorial and publication advice, how to excerpt and query, and even when to let a manuscript go. And most importantly, you’ll finally rescue your work from the desk drawer and give yourself the satisfaction of completion.

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Flash forms have arrived as a backlash to genre boundaries and flash fiction is leading the pack, redefining how we tell stories. By embracing the compressed form, all writers–from poets to novelists–are cultivating a new set of skills and creating an entirely new kind of story. In this workshop we will generate original flash pieces, examine what makes successful flash fiction, and try to differentiate flash from its cousin, the prose poem. This workshop is open to writers with all levels of experience in the form.