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Flash Flood: Write a Flash Novel

August 22-September 2

Registrations opens August 1


flash floodDo you have a large, book-length idea that you’ve been wanting to bring to fruition? Do you want to start 2022 with your flash novel in progress? Do you love the intensity of FlashNano or NaNoWrimo? Then get ready: In 10 days we will create a literal “flash flood” and you will leave the workshop with the bones (at least) of a flash novel.

What’s a flash novel? With the scope and complexity of a novel, and the size and ingenuity of flash fiction, the flash novel is a new type of book, a breakout genre that can deliver a sophisticated reading experience in a compact space. In this online workshop will envision, draft, collage and create the momentum for that large-scale idea you have been wanting to tackle.

Participants should come with a basic understanding of flash fiction and have ideas for a book-length project.

NOTE: This class is the jumping off point for the Flash Novel Mastermind running September 13-Dec 2.


Going Short: Beautiful Flash Fiction Part II (NEW)

September 5-9

Registration opens August 1. 

miniature-calendar-dioramas-tanaka-tatsuya-6In this 5-day all new generative class we will continue our conversations of what makes something beautiful while taking a deeper dive into the concepts from Going Short to examine the fundamentals of flash, try a variety of approaches to the compressed narrative, discuss what makes successful flash, and generate your own original flash pieces. You do NOT need to have taken Beautiful Flash Fiction Part 1 to participate.

This course is open to writers with all levels of experience in the form, whether you are brand new to flash fiction, a writer coming from other genres, or a veteran flasher looking for a dose of inspiration and some writing camaraderie.


The Flash Novel Mastermind:

a 12-week incubator to get your manuscript across the finish line.

September 13-December 2

Registration and details TBA August 1!