“The Mirror” published at People Holding

“Courtesy Call” published in Fiction Kitchen Berlin


“Xanadu: a triptych” published at Matter Press: A Compressed Journal of Creative Arts

“Heart of Glass” published in Flash Fiction Festival Three anthology

“The Last Orgy” published on Lost Balloon

“The Biggest Mistake Writers Make” published on The Story Prize

“The Running of the Sharks” published in Paris Lit Up Magazine

“Flash From Scratch: A Revision Exercise” on Flash Fiction Retreats

“The Bad Thing” in 2019 Best Small Fictions


“The Sperm Bank” published in Cliterature 50th Anniversary edition

“The Harpist” published in Blink Ink* nominated for Pushcart

“Loch Ness” published in Flash Fiction Festival Two anthology

“The Pilgrimage” reprinted in L.A. Lit

“I Found Your Voodoo Doll on the Dance Floor After Last Call” reprinted at LitHub: Very Short Stories New Micro with Nancy Stohlman, Pamela Painter and Kathy Fish

“The Rapture” published in Open: Journal of Arts and Letters here

“The Pilgrimage” published in Ripening: The 2018 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology (buy here)

“My Mother Was a Circus Clown”, “The Beautiful People”, and “Which World Dictator Are You Related To?” published on Flash Boulevard

“Tiny House”  published in New Flash Fiction Review

*”The Awakening” published in Digging Through the Fat* chosen as Editor’s Pick for Fiction 2018

“Instant Fame” published in Blink Ink

“The Bad Thing” published in Connotation Press

“Missing” published in Jellyfish Review


“Hire-A-Muse” published in Blink Ink #30

“Barbie Arm” Published in (b)OINK Magazine

“Happy Endings” published on Journey to Planet Write

“Clown Car” in Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief anthology (buy here)


Flash Vixen Nancy Stohlman talks about Bible Stories and Fairytales by Loren Kleinman, published in The Huffington Post

“Traveling Medicine Show” on Blink Ink Dance Party #2, Rocky Mountain Revival Podcast

“My Father is Trying to Set the World Record for Days Spent Petting a Shark” published on Blink Ink (print), *finalist for Vera Flash Fiction Award

“The Man From the Future” published in The Airgonaut

“Cool Stuff Writers Do: The Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series” published in Smokelong Quarterly

“My Mother Was a Circus Clown” published in Flash: The International Short Story Magazine (print)

“Naked” published in 100 Word Story

“The Morning After” published here


“Women Who Flash Their Lit” Part 1: Bartelby Snopes Magazine

Review of The Monster Opera by Bob Bows, published on Colorado Drama

A Review: The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories by Matthew J. Hall, published on Screaming With Brevity

Rocky Mountain Revival Episode #16: Nancy Stohlman and Kinky Mink, Rocky Mountain Revival Podcast

Another 100 Colorado Creatives that You Should Know: #23 Nancy Stohlman by Susan Froyd, published in The Westward

Featured Author Nancy Stohlman by Vinny O’Hare, published on Book Reader Magazine

“12 Super Short Stories You Can Read in a Flash” by Maddie Crum, published on The Huffington Post

“A Few Strange New Hybridities in Literature” by Skylight Press

Review of The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories by Boston Literary Magazine


“The Four Legged Woman” published by Pure Slush

“The Fortune Teller” published by Flash Frontier

“Nancy Stohlman Proves that you can Tell a Story in Under 1000 Words” by Amanda Moutinho, published in The Westward

“Rejected Spaghetti Western Movie Titles” published at McSweeneys Internet Tendencies

Dr. Afshan Hashmi in Conversation with Author and Artist Nancy Stohlman

“Indentured” and “True Tales From Therapy #5” published in Blink Ink (print)

“How to Give a Satisfying Performance with Your Microphone” published here


“I Pawned My Boyfriend for $85” originally published in Blue Five Notebook (appears The Vixen Scream

“Nancy Stohlman on Flash Novels and The Monster Opera, debuting as an opera” by Alex Brown, published in The Westward

“The Hostess” published by Pure Slush (appears in The Vixen Scream)

“Review: The Monster Opera” by Ian Chung, published at Savage Reviews

“I’m Being Stalked by the Avon Lady” published by Cease, Cows (appears in The Vixen Scream), nominated for Best of the Web

Included as one of Huffington Post’s “favorite recent pieces of flash fiction”: read here

“The Fox” published by Santa Fe Literary Journal (print) (appears in The Vixen Scream)

“The Private Investigator” published in The Atticus Review (appears in The Vixen Scream)

“Requiem for piano published in Literary Orphans

“Death Row Hugger” published by Boston Literary Magazine

“What Happened in the Library” published by Connotation Press

“The Detritus” published in Flash 101: Surviving the Fiction Apocalypse from Fast Forward Press