Flash Fiction Changes How We Tell Stories

Do you love to travel AND write? Do you find some of your greatest inspirations come when you are out of your comfort zone, stimulated by novelty and absorbing new experiences? Then you are going to want to hang out and listen to Marilyn Ball and I talk about the power of travel, the power of writing, and the gorgeous juxtaposition of my two favorite things.

Listen now!

Show notes: For over a decade, Nancy Stohlman has been writing, publishing and teaching flash fiction around the world. Much of her creative process is finding the sweet spot as a writer, performer and innovator and she teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Nancy tells us about her new book on the writing of flash fiction, “Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction,” and her future Flash Fiction Retreats for 2021/2022.  Flash fiction is changing the way we tell stories and Nancy is an enchanting storyteller!