Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities

*Finalist in literary fiction for a 2019 Colorado Book Award!

mad v

(Big Table Publishing, 2018)

Step right up and meet a woman so determined to be a star she’ll try anything, including spray on Instant Fame! Meet her reflection, who dreams of a life of her own and manages to find love on the Internet! See the man desperately trying to earn a world record in the most bizarre way possible! Learn the origins of the Four-Legged Woman and the Human Skeleton! Clown mothers, suicidal ringmasters, cult leader who teach the cha-cha and Alaska Jackson’s Traveling Medicine Show…each one takes center stage in this vaudeville of flash fiction. Flash fiction, microfiction, short-short stories… regardless of the name, it’s all the same—a compressed story that packs a punch. Enter a cabaret of the weird, the absurd, and the bizarre with this bold and bawdy new collection.

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Heavy Feather Review by Hillary Leftwich

Flash Fiction Retreats: “Brilliant New Collection” by Kathy Fish

Boulder Poetry Tribe by Jonathan Montgomery

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The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories

vixen cover final
(Pure Slush Press, 2014)
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“Hilarious, irreverent, twisted, bawdy, brilliant – these short shorts by Nancy Stohlman feel like a series of off-kilter encounters with the strangest characters you swear you’ve met before in a previous, more interesting lifetime. With sly humor and daring, Stohlman weaves tiny tales reminiscent of Etgar Keret, but with her own inimitable stamp. The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories is an amazing collection. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of reading it.” – Kathy Fish, author of ‘Together We Can Bury It’

“The Vixen Scream is a collection of compelling and strikingly original stories – an imagination functioning at full throttle. Nancy Stohlman is a word-alchemist, and here is her book of wonders!” – Robert Scotellaro, author of ‘Measuring the Distance’


The Monster Opera

Monster Book Cover Draft (2)-page-0


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What is most fascinating about Stohlman’s work is how freely it shifts back and forth between different artistic forms…The Monster Opera is a bold attempt to carve out a space for the flash novel as a distinct category within the fiction landscape. In doing so, the work also raises questions about how art forms like opera can sustain an existence today, as well as the sacrifices demanded of those involved in the act of creating art.”

Savage Reviews

“Nancy combines the head of a novel and the body of an opera with the impatiently erect penis of flash fiction to form a creature so bizarre and hideous you cannot look away.”

Boulder Poetry Tribe

The Monster Opera is a brilliant and beautiful work, a rising crescendo of action in a haunting tale of love. Many authors strive for that perfect note, yet Stohlman does the unbelievable, turning words on the page into a truly operatic monster which comes alive in the very first scene.”

–J.A. Kazimer, Dopesick: A Love Story 

“In a swell of lyrical prose that drips itself across the borders of music and literature, Nancy Stohlman delivers a self-aware story that sings out from the page like an opera trapped in the belly of an Old World curse. A love affair drunk on magical realism, somehow as ancient as it is avant-garde. ”

–Kona Morris, Godless Comics


Searching for Suzi: a flash novel

(Monkey Puzzle Press, 2009)

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“There is an immediacy that keeps one turning the pages . . . This is a great romp into the world of stripping. Page by page our plucky narrator reveals more of herself until the perfect ending lays it all bare.”
Barcelona Review

“The exploitation has to be turned around on itself at some point. Searching for Suzi tells the story of Natalie, an ex-stripper who reflects on her life as she returns to Omaha, Nebraska where she grew up. Discussing the obsession with appearance and the concept of sexy that ranges from the glamour and stripping industry down to childhood beauty pageants, Searching for Suzi is a fascinating and very highly recommended read.”
Midwest Book Review


Fast Forward: The Mix Tape

*Finalist for the 2011 Colorado Book Award in Literary Fiction

Fast Forward Press, 2010

editors K. Scott Forman, Kona Morris, and Nancy Stohlman

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“If you’d rather be rapt for a moment reading a flash than strung out for pages in a novel, Fast Forward is for you. It’s the best flash fiction around– a book full of raptures” —Robert Shapard, editor of Flash Fiction Forward and Sudden Fiction series.


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