2015 Pushcart Prize Nomination!

A huge thanks to Doug Mathewson and Sally Reno for including me in this year’s Blink Ink 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominations!

This is my first nomination–woohoo!

Blink Ink Print

Pushcart 2015 Nominated piece by Nancy Stohlman:

Pushcart Shark

My Father is Trying to Set the World Record for Days Spent Petting a Shark.

The trick, he says, is to just lightly move the fingers. The shark has the frozen, unimpressed expression of all sharks. Are you coming home for dinner? I can’t stop now, he said. It’s only been 9 hours. It’s about goals, he added.
Your mother never taught you the importance of having a real goal.

Nancy Stohlman

“The Fortune Teller”

Originally published in Flash Frontier. Read original here

by Nancy Stohlman

The Fortune Teller

The fortune teller looked at my hands, smoothed them onto the table. You lost something, she said.

Yes, I said. I want to get it back.

But you can’t get it back, you know that.

That’s not true. Don’t say that, I said. That’s why I’m here.

Look, she said, pointing to the fleshy part on the outside of my palm. It’s gone. I don’t decide these things but I’m telling you what I see.
So what do I do now?

She patted my hand. It’s just part of your story, now, she said.

fortune teller