Finish That Manuscript! Workshop beginning January 2015

January 5-February 1, 2015


An Online Workshop on Re-visioning, Taking the Next Step, and Falling Back in Love with Your Vision.

A 4-week workshop beginning January 5

*FREE Q & A call on Sunday, January 4 at 7 pm MST–contact me for login information 

Are you or someone you know working on a manuscript? Are you stuck in the writing phase or in the revision process? Or have you “finished” but not gotten the response you wanted out in the world? Are you not sure what comes next? Most of us are better at starting manuscripts than we are at finishing them. But it’s only when we can conceive, create, and bring our projects to fruition that we begin to master the longer form known as a book. Each book we write brings us closer to understanding how to write a book. What phase of the finishing process are you in? And what do you need to cross the finish line and get it out into the world?

In this workshop we will explore:

• What’s keeping you from finishing?
• Are your challenges telling you something about your manuscript?
• How to fall back in love with your work and your vision
• Allowing your manuscript to transform
• Publication—is your manuscript ready to send into the world?
• The different stages of “finishing” a manuscript
• Self-promotion—are you afraid of rejection? (You’re not alone.)
In this workshop I’ll give you the deadlines you might need, help you structure your writing time into your life, help you transition more easily between creation and revision, and help you become your own best editor. Whether you are planning to submit or self publish, you’ll gain writing, editorial and publication advice, how to find and cultivate a readership, how to excerpt and query, and even when to let a manuscript transform. And most importantly, you’ll finally birth your work and give yourself the satisfaction of completion.

Are you ready?

Contact or click here for more information

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Nancy has worked as a freelance editor since 2004, helping hundreds of authors from 5 continents bring their manuscripts to fruition. She is the creator and founder of To Get The Words Right Manuscript Services, the co-founder of Fast Forward Press, and is currently a writer professor in Denver. 

To find out more about individual editing services, click here.

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