100,000 Poets for Change finale this Friday, Sept 30

September 30

I’m proud to join this AMAZING lineup with my creative partner in crime, Nick Busheff. We’ll be doing our Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities sideshow act with full clown makeup one last time!

madam velvet picture

100,000 Poets for Change
Hampden Hall
Admission $10
1000 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood
The Grand Finalé of “Clan Between the Wor]l[ds” (co-hosted by Michael Annis and Mila Popovich) — Denver’s 2016 concluding celebration of the worldwide movement includes the talents, creativity, and artistic brilliance of the metro area’s finest writers and artists, plus performers from New York, North Dakota, and California. Musical sets include classical, experimental rock, improv jazz stylings, avant techno, and primitive solo drum, some accompanied by poets. Two national slam champions, a Native American shaman, a multi-award winning poet/publisher, a world class jazz poet, a queen of flash fiction, and two of the Rocky Mountain’s most profoundly gifted artists are featured, plus a high intensity video trailer, and a short talk [virtual] by progressive Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
Grand Finale performers include: Goncalo Martins
 Hawksbrother Hawkspirit
 Bobby LeFebre
 David Hinojosa & JamKeyJam
 Theo Wilson
 Felino Soriano
 Les Reed & Carolyn Reed
 Adam Roufberg
 Nancy Stohlman and Nick Busheff
 Seth
 Mila Popovich
 Molli Bernstein
 Michael Annis::AtMassFear with Mayra Lorren Delgado
 David Allen Reed
 Dascha Friedlova