Is This Your Flash Fiction Manuscript?


If you answered yes, you are not alone. But now what? How do you put it all together? 


If you feel stuck at this phase of the process, take heart: This is one of the most common questions I get from writers working on a flash manuscript. But there is good news: this part of the process is creative, inspiring, and can be be approached with your own unique vision, resulting in a product that is much more than just putting various pieces under one roof.

Flash Fiction Books: Putting it all Together

April 2-30, 2018

In the Flash Fiction Books online course we will learn from different kinds of flash books, including anthologies, collections, novellas-in-flash and flash novels. So whether you are an editor designing an anthology or journal, an author attempting a collection, or you are embarking on a flash novel or novella, the transition from the narrow to the wide view of a body of work can ultimately be just as rewarding as the writing itself.

Learn strategies, avoid pitfalls, and gain new inspiration for how to package flash fiction for the world..

This is a 4-week online workshop format class with limited availability.