“The Bad Thing” to be included in 2019 Best Small Fictions Anthology!

The Best Small Fictions anthology is a yearly treat for writers and readers and I’m just thrilled to be included for the first time in what will be a truly stellar lineup!

Check out the entire lineup here!

I have to give my deep thanks to Jonathan Cardew and Connotation Press for first publishing “The Bad Thing”–check it out here as well as read a crazy 6-word interview between Jonathan and I!

Also, as a teacher, I want to give a shout out to all the people on this list who I have worked with in some capacity: in workshops, in person, as an editor, as fellow teacher. It’s no small thing for someone to entrust you with their creative process, and the greatest reward is to see writers getting the recognition they deserve! So here’s a special shout out to colleagues:

Christopher Allen, Lori Sambol Brody, Kim Chinquee, Sheldon Lee Compton, Tommy Dean, Nod Ghosh, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Karen Jones, Fiona J. Mackintosh, Jolene McIlwain, K.C. Mead-Brewer, Meg Pokrass, Pedro Ponce, Santino Prinzi, Robert Vaughan, and Nan Wigington.

Rock on, flashers!!


*Compressed Q&A (6 words max)*
Q’s: Jonathan Cardew
A’s: Nancy Stohlman

Q: Earliest memory?
A: Waiting for the Oz ruby slippers

Q: Some writers you love?
A: Saterstrom, Svalina, Hemingway, Garcia-Marquez, Atwood, Geisen,

Q: How to write flash?
A: Let go. Then let go more

Q: How NOT to write flash?
A: prose poem, vignette = flash fiction: no

Q: Favorite recent story read online?
A: I can’t keep up. In awe.

Q: The problem with politics?
A: Too much emotion; no strategy

Q: Finish this: “I woke under stars…”
A:  with pierced bellybutton, *Sturgis circa 1994*