Manuscript Consulting

Revision is the most important part of the writing process. As serious writers, you know the muse is fickle. It’s through the editing process that we begin to refine andtypewriter
sculpt our messages. We also know that there comes a point when we’re no longer good judges of our manuscripts—we can no longer look at them with fresh perspectives. Enter that crucial element—a good editor.  I will provide the extra set of professional eyes your work deserves.  I will give you both honest feedback and encouragement.  After all, we write for an audience. Make sure your writing is saying what you want it to say.

Manuscript Edits include either high-level edits or big-picture read-through and cost varies by type of edits and length of manuscript. Use the form below to chat with me about your manuscript.


Whether you are looking for writing instruction, creative feedback, or accountability and motivation, a writing coach can be a very efficient way to light a fire under you and your work. I bring my 16 years of editorial experience and 11 years as an academic professor in together with my encouraging yet focused one-on-one coaching style, personalized to help you get the specific kind of support you need. Can include edits and/or creative feedback, phone consultations, and deadlines for those who like them.

Please contact me using the form below to talk about your work and how I might be able to help!

“It was a pleasure working with Nancy on my manuscript.  She provided professional, insightful services, and truly has a bead on the reader’s perspectives and interests.  She has a knack for allowing the author to stay true to the spirit of their work in a way that it can be enjoyed by the widest audience base possible.  Stop your search—you’ve found your editor.”

Carl Arbogast, The Sand Squids

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Please include a brief description of the project, manuscript length, your timelines (if any), type of editing or particular concerns, and any other information you think might be helpful.