Congratulations FlashNano Participants!

Join us again next November 2016, when I will again be challenging flash fiction writers to participate in

FLASHNANO: 30 Stories in 30 Days.

In the meantime, check out my Sculpting Flash Fiction workshop to edit and tighten some of these great stories you wrote!

Here we go!

FlashNano Day 1: Write a story that takes place in a car

number-2-404369FlashNano Day 2: Write a story where the weather changes, and this also changes the story.

number-3-clip-art-617380FlashNano Day 3: Write a story in the form of a monologue (just one person speaking)

FlashNano Day 4: Write a story involving fire


FlashNano Day 5: Write a story that includes (or at least mentions) a childhood toy5ncludes (or at least mentions) a childhood toy

number-6 (1)FlashNano Day 6: Write a story in less than 100 words

FlashNano Day 7: Let this quote inspire a story.”Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of
creating that he had done.”

animal_number_8FlashNano Day 8: Write a story based on something that happened to you yesterday

(Fictionalize as needed)

FlashNano Day 9: Write a story in the form of a Letter to the Editornumber_9__by_virtualgirl6654-d3b1lap

FlashNano Day 10: Write a story involving an operation

FlashNano Day 11: Write a story featuring the color orange

FlashNano Day 12: Write a story inspired (in any way) by this video:


number-13_2431820bFlashNano Day 13: Write a 13-word story

PS: Did you know that Triskaidekaphobia means a fear of the number 13?days_14

FlashNano Day 14: Write a story that uses the device of repetition

FlashNano Day 15: Write a story set in the summer

16FlashNano Day 16: Write a “Sweet 16” story

FlashNano Day 17: Write a story that takes place while it’s snowing 17

F18lashNano Day 18: Write a story using the 2nd person point of view (you)

FlashNano Day 19: Write a story where the ending comes first


20FlashNano Day 20: Take a story you have written (this month). Cut the wordcount by half. Give it a new title.

FlashNano Day 21: Write a story that involves some sort of contest21

FlashNano Day 22: Write a story where 22someone is trying to hide something

FlashNano Day 23: Write a story while listening to Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” (from his ballet Romeo and Juliet)

24FlashNano Day 24: Write a story where something is found

FlashNano Day 25: Write a true story that nobody believes is true25

26FlashNano Day 26: Write a story involving food

FlashNano Day 27: Write as story with the theme “the day after”


28FlashNano Day 28: Write a story that consists of only one long sentence

FlashNano Day 29: Write a story that takes place in the lobby


30FlashNano Day 30: Write a story set in the futurethat takes place in the lobby

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