Upcoming Live Appearances for “After the Rapture” including AWP March 8-12, 2023

Friends!! I’m hoping to be able to give you a REAL HUG at one of these upcoming After the Rapture appearances! Thank you in advance for all your support! xoxoxo

AWP: Thursday, March 9, 6-8 pm Split Lip and Mason Jar Press Reading, AWP Edition, featuring Athena Dixon, Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Melissa Matthewson, Mary Lyn Reed, Nancy Stohlman, and Zach VandeZande

6-8 pm, Ozzie’s, 105 W. Mercer Street, Seattle,

AWP: Friday, March 10: Book Signing @ Bending Genres Table Friday, Friday 11 am-12 pm

AWP: Saturday, March 11: Book Signing @Split Lip Table AWP Saturday 12-1 pm

March 25: Arapahoe Community College Lit Fest presenter

March 30: In-person reading/signing at The Bookworm, Omaha NE

April 7: (Virtual) Fbomb NYC, 6 pm EST featuring Nancy Stohlman with guests Paul Beckman, Meg Tuite, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Kona Morris, Jonathan Montgomery, Rob Geisen, and Kathy Fish

April 17: (Virtual): Shorter is Better: April Book Club Guest

Posing with my old student Shin Huynh!

May 18: (Virtual) Hundred Pitchers of Honey Reading Series with Courtney LeBlanc, Yael Aldana, Nancy Stohlman. 7:30 PM EST time.

June 1: In person: Rally Reading Series Pete’s Candy Store, NYC. Full lineup TBA 

June 19: In person: Featured Reader, Spoken Word Paris. Full lineup TBA

June 22: In person: Featured Reader, Paris Lit Up. Full lineup TBA

July 14-16 Reader and Workshop Leader, Flash Fiction Festival in Bristol, UK

August 15-20: Open Your Art: High Altitude Inspiration in the Rocky Mountains Writing Retreat (www.flashfictionretreats.com)