March 25: Presenting at Arapahoe Community College Annual Spring Lit Fest: Back in Person!

Back In Person! ACC’s Annual Spring Literary Festival.

The Writers Studio at ACC provides a full-day writing conference for students and community members that is the most affordable, quality-laden literary festival you’ll find, for writers of all levels and ages.

Included with the registration fee:

  • One complimentary copy of the “Progenitor Art and Literary Journal”, v. 57, 2022
  • Continental Breakfast, including coffee and tea
  • Lunch
  • Author reading and book signing during lunch
  • Open Mic opportunity for registrants at the end of the day (approximately 5 minutes per person)

Registration fees:
$25 student rate*
$30 CCCS employee rate
$40 Senior rate
$55 community member rate 
*Students of any college or high school. Please show Student ID at check-in.


8:30-9:15 Sign-in and continental breakfast
9:30-10:45 Session 1 (registrants choose from 2)  
11:00-12:15 Session 2 (registrants choose from 2) 
12:30-1:30 Lunch and author reading (I WILL READ FROM AFTER THE RAPTURE)
2:00-3:15 Session 3 (registrants choose from 2** I WILL BE PRESENTING IN SESSION 3
3:30-4:15 Festival concludes with an Open Mic reading for registrants—time limit of five minutes per reader 
4:30 campus closes

SESSION 3: 2:00-3:15 pm

Write a Flash Novel: All Meat and No Fat
Workshop Description:  
Do you have a Big Story Idea brewing but you don’t know where to begin? Have you been working on a traditional novel/creative nonfiction book, but you find yourself hitting a wall? Maybe you need a total perspective shift, a radical re-visioning of how to write a book?
Meet the “Flash Novel”, a breakout genre that draws on the skills of flash fiction to tell a large-scale story in a compact space. Existing at the intersection of the novel and flash fiction, the flash novel has both the scope and complexity of a novel and the ingenuity of flash fiction, delivering a sophisticated reading experience to a contemporary audience. 
In this workshop, we will envision, draft, collage, and create momentum on your Big Idea. We’ll begin breaking it apart and making friends with the scope of it. For 90 minutes, we’ll get out of our own way, and you will discover the bones of your project as well as the enthusiasm and insight to know where to go next. Open to all writers, whether you have already started writing or the idea still lives in your head and heart. Come ready to play and rethink what you know about writing a book.

Register here!

Upcoming Live Appearances for “After the Rapture” including AWP March 8-12, 2023

Friends!! I’m hoping to be able to give you a REAL HUG at one of these upcoming After the Rapture appearances! Thank you in advance for all your support! xoxoxo

AWP: Thursday, March 9, 6-8 pm Split Lip and Mason Jar Press Reading, AWP Edition, featuring Athena Dixon, Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Melissa Matthewson, Mary Lyn Reed, Nancy Stohlman, and Zach VandeZande

6-8 pm, Ozzie’s, 105 W. Mercer Street, Seattle,

AWP: Friday, March 10: Book Signing @ Bending Genres Table Friday, Friday 11 am-12 pm

AWP: Saturday, March 11: Book Signing @Split Lip Table AWP Saturday 12-1 pm

March 25: Arapahoe Community College Lit Fest presenter

March 30: In-person reading/signing at The Bookworm, Omaha NE

April 7: (Virtual) Fbomb NYC, 6 pm EST featuring Nancy Stohlman with guests Paul Beckman, Meg Tuite, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Kona Morris, Jonathan Montgomery, Rob Geisen, and Kathy Fish

April 17: (Virtual): Shorter is Better: April Book Club Guest

Posing with my old student Shin Huynh!

May 18: (Virtual) Hundred Pitchers of Honey Reading Series with Courtney LeBlanc, Yael Aldana, Nancy Stohlman. 7:30 PM EST time.

June 1: In person: Rally Reading Series Pete’s Candy Store, NYC. Full lineup TBA 

June 19: In person: Featured Reader, Spoken Word Paris. Full lineup TBA

June 22: In person: Featured Reader, Paris Lit Up. Full lineup TBA

July 14-16 Reader and Workshop Leader, Flash Fiction Festival in Bristol, UK

August 15-20: Open Your Art: High Altitude Inspiration in the Rocky Mountains Writing Retreat (

Shoutout Colorado: Two Weeks Until The Rapture!



We had the good fortune of connecting with Nancy Stohlman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nancy, what role has risk played in your life or career?
In order to make art, one must become comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. Real art is made inside the gap of uncertainty–we cannot “think” ourselves there. We have to move. Certainty comes from action. We embark on an idea…and only once we are in motion does the art take over. Which means a good deal of the time our job is to get out of our own way and write (create) whatever is demanding to be written–even if it surprises us! Especially if it surprises us.”