AWP Panel on Flash Fiction this Friday

Friday, February 10, 1:30-2:45

F202. From Flash Fiction to Microfiction: How Many Words Are Enough?. (,  ,  ,  ,  ) The introduction to Flash Fiction asks: How short can a story be and still be a short story? The answer was 750 words, but recently we have seen microfiction of 300 and 200 words, and the emergence of the 100-word story. How can such compression address character development, narrative arc, and tension? Does prose poetry show us indirectly how to accommodate narrative size? These panelists discuss the limitations and rewards of writing short with urgency and artistic integrity.
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Presenting at the 2016 AWP Conference

I’m honored to be presenting on the topic of flash fiction with Tom Hazuka, James Thomas, Lynn Mundell and Robert Shapard at the 2016 AWP Conference in Los Angeles!


Friday, April 1
3:00-4:30 pm
Los Angeles Convention Center
2016 AWP Writers Conference
Panel Discussion F261. Where Are You Going, Where Have We Been?:
Five Editors Discuss the History and Future of Flash Fiction Anthologies.
(Tom Hazuka, James Thomas, Lynn Mundell, Nancy Stohlman, Robert Shapard)
Room 512, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level.
Since 1992, when the original Flash Fiction anthology gave the genre a name that caught on, flash fiction has grown steadily in stature and popularity. Numerous popular anthologies have followed. Five well-known editors of flash fiction anthologies—three who were there from the beginning, and two who will be shepherding the genre into the future—discuss the past, present, and future of flash fiction, especially in regard to its appearance in book form.