Flash Novel Writing Workshop

Write a Flash Novel with me in July!

Write a Flash Novel (online course)

July 8-19, 2019

This class is now SOLD OUT.

7ce163b50c8d11cda50c0af6d803e41cDo you have a large, book-length idea that you’ve been wanting to bring to fruition? Do you love the intensity of FlashNano or NaNoWriMo? Then get ready: In 10 days we will create a literal “flash flood” and you will leave the workshop with the bones (at least) of a flash novel.

What’s a flash novel? With the scope and complexity of a novel, and the size and ingenuity of flash fiction, the flash novel is a new type of book, a breakout genre that can deliver a sophisticated reading experience in a compact space. In this workshop will envision, draft, collage and create the momentum for that large-scale idea you have been wanting to tackle.

Participants should come with a basic understanding of flash fiction and have ideas for a book-length concept.

Cost: $149


The Monster Opera this Friday!


In The Monster Opera, a writer travels to Mexico City in search of a new story, but the monsters are already waiting for her. The more she writes, the more their whereabouts, as well as their desperation, are revealed. The result is a gothic literary noir, a genre-bending novel-meets-libretto that combines recitative with dialogue, aria with prose, and ultimately asks the question: Who owns a story?

The Monster Opera started as a “flash novel,” a phrase coined by its writer, Nancy Stohlman, then mutated into a postmodern, compressed extravaganza that has grown into a hearty full-length production under the command of Stohlman and composer Nick Busheff. Originally staged as part of the book’s release in 2013, The Monster Opera is back for one night only, with the original cast, at the Mercury Cafe.

“It’s about a writer who steals stories,” explains Stohlman. “She steals the wrong story in search of a new story from these opera singers, and she’s telling their story and they’re trying to get it back. And they’ve been in hiding, and as she’s writing their story, she’s revealing them…. It’s about who owns the story.”

The presentation takes place at 7:30 p.m. October 30 at the Mercury, 2199 California Street. For tickets, $12 to $15, and information, visit nancystohlman.com/monsteropera.

Beyond Academia Poetry Camp!

I will be kicking off the inaugural Beyond Academia Poetry Camp! Think of it as summer camp for adults-with benefits. Four weeks of awesome and it’s FREE but you have to register. I’m teaching a 2-day Flash Novel workshop Monday and Tuesday June 30-July 1: We’re going to write a novel in 2 days! No pressure! All levels welcome. Bring pens and paper--www.loveshovelranch.com


June 30-July 1

Beyond Academia Summer Poetry Camp

All Meat and No Fat: Writing the Flash Novel
With the complexity of a novel, the size of a novella, and the ingenuity of flash fiction, the flash novel is a new type of novel, delivering a sophisticated reading experience in a small arena. In this intensive novel writing workshop we’ll generate lots of material for your own flash novel. Come with a concept or idea for a longer work and be prepared to experiment.
More info or to register go to http://www.loveshovelranch.com