9 Flash Fiction Prompts

Are you Flash-nanoing with us? Here are the first 9 prompts:

Flashnano Day 1: Write a story that takes place in a hotel.

Flashnano Day 2: Write a story that incorporates a piece of scientific/analytic data.

Flashnano Day 3: Write a story that takes place late at night.

Flashnano Day 4: Write a story that is exactly 75 words long.

Flashnano Day 5: Found text. “Find” a piece of text–non-literary but prose, such as a pamphlet, brochure, contract, junk mail, directions, etc. Write a story that mimics or is otherwise inspired by it.

Flashnano Day 6: Write a story that includes a piece of real overheard dialogue.

Flashnano Day 7: Write a story where someone has an illness, real or invented.

Flashnano Day 8: Write a story that includes all four of these words: pineapple, beauty, bifocals, grass.

Flashnano Day 9: Write a story inspired by a story of your grandparent.

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