Beyond Academia Poetry Camp!

I will be kicking off the inaugural Beyond Academia Poetry Camp! Think of it as summer camp for adults-with benefits. Four weeks of awesome and it’s FREE but you have to register. I’m teaching a 2-day Flash Novel workshop Monday and Tuesday June 30-July 1: We’re going to write a novel in 2 days! No pressure! All levels welcome. Bring pens and


June 30-July 1

Beyond Academia Summer Poetry Camp

All Meat and No Fat: Writing the Flash Novel
With the complexity of a novel, the size of a novella, and the ingenuity of flash fiction, the flash novel is a new type of novel, delivering a sophisticated reading experience in a small arena. In this intensive novel writing workshop we’ll generate lots of material for your own flash novel. Come with a concept or idea for a longer work and be prepared to experiment.
More info or to register go to


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