I’m Alive!

As many of you may have heard, I was in a serious head-on highway collision on Friday, May 20th, landing me in the hospital for over a week with broken ribs, punctured lung and broken elbow. Truthfully, the people who Jaws of Life-ed me out of the wreckage were thrilled that I was alive at all and I’m extremely lucky that my injuries are not permanent. I’m home recovering and grateful to everyone, my friends and family and co-workers and especially Nick Busheff, who has been a rock of support.

You are not rid of me yet, but I might be skipping roller skating for a few months.

People have been asking if this will affect Fbomb events or my upcoming online workshops. I’m happy to say that everything will proceed as scheduled–Fbomb will keep bombing with no date changes (I may be hosting the Flash Festival in July in a cast but I will paint it like Wonder Woman!) and I’m looking forward to the online workshops–writing is medicine and it will be great for me to focus on writing instead of ribs.

Finally, there has been an enormous outpouring of love and generosity from my fellow writers and friends. If there was a lesson for me in all this I’m sure it was to tell me that I am loved, and it’s been humbling and amazing. Thank you all, so much. I am extremely lucky to be in community with you all.hospital

To love, healing, and words–


From Gay Degani’s Words In Place Blog Series:

DERAILED: Nancy Stohlman’s Interrupted Journey


This spot was destined for Nancy Stohlman’s Journey to Planet Write; however, fate intervened on an interstate near Denver on Friday 5/20 when she was hit head-on by another car.  She’s home now but suffered a broken elbow along with the 6 broken ribs

It just doesn’t feel right for me to fill this space with someone else’s journey and hopefully at some point in the future, Nancy will write her own story, but in the meantime, I decided to ask a few of Nancy’s friends to contribute stories, comments, photos, anything to honor Nancy.

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