Last Chance for “After the Rapture” pre-sales plus upcoming appearances!

FRIENDS!! Pre-sales for After the Rapture will be closing this Friday! Last chance to get it at pre-sale rates AND get in on the last pre-sale prize drawing!

Pre-sale price: $12 (regularly $14)

Pre-sale orders ship March 7, 2023

AFTER THE RAPTURE: In a world just slant from our own, the people are waiting for the Rapture. But what they get is not at all what they thought it would be. Whether they’re pilgrimaging to the Very First Kentucky Fried Chicken, living in life-sized Barbie houses, taking the Marriott staff hostage, trading Candy Corn on Wall Street or draining Loch Ness to “find out the goddamn truth once and for all,” there is a familiar sort of desperation in this post-Rapture existence. In moments you will laugh at the absurdity of their world, and in other moments the darkness will feel all too familiar…

AND…Final Prize Drawing this Friday!



Feb 21: In person: Fbomb Denver and After the Rapture pre-release party–Nancy Stohlman host with featured readers Jomil Ebro, Krystal Summers and special guest Kona Morris. 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, Denver

March 9 (Thursday) AWP Reading and Rapture release in conjunction with Split Lip Press, 6-8 pm location and readers TBA

March 10 (Friday) Book Signing 11 am at Bending Genres Table AWP Friday

March 11: (Saturday) Book Signing @Split Lip Table AWP Saturday 12-1

April 7: (Virtual) Fbomb NYC, 6 pm EST with featured guests to TBA

May 18: (Virtual) Hundred Pitchers of Honey Reading Series with Courtney LeBlanc, Yael Aldana, Nancy Stohlman. 7:30 PM EST time.

June 1: In person: Rally Reading Series Pete’s Candy Store, NYC. Full lineup TBA 

June 19: Featured Reader, Spoken Word Paris

June 22: Featured Reader, Paris Lit Up

July 14-16 Flash Fiction Festival in Bristol, UK