UK Flash Fiction Festival July 20-22

Join me in the UK this July 20-22 for the second annual Flash Fiction Festival!

From the website: “We are happy to host the 2018 Flash Fiction Festival UK at Trinity College Bristol which is in Stoke Bishop, a beautiful part of Bristol and a short journey from the city centre. This year’s festival is supported by funding from Bath Flash Fiction Award.”

It’s going to be fantastic!

Flash Fiction Festival Presenters

From the UK Vanessa Gebbie, David Gaffney, Ashley Chantler, Peter Blair, Meg Pokrass, Jude Higgins, K M Elkes, Carrie Etter, Michael Loveday, Calum Kerr, Santino Prinzi, Haleh Agar, Tim Stevenson, Ingrid Jendzrejewski
From the USA Nancy Stohlman, John Brantingham, Grant Hier, Laurie Stone
From Germany Christopher Allen
From Ireland Nuala O’Connor

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For Creatives, play is not a luxury


Creative Play: Hitting the Reset Button

True creativity begins as play.  And what is play but unstructured time where we allow our intuition to lead us to our joy? If we are writers, writing brings us joy. But too often in our modern world the joy of what we love is relegated  to “later” and play becomes a wistful luxury.

But if we are creatives, play is not a luxury but a necessity.

As artists, we understand that sometimes “writing” looks like walking, singing, staring at nothing, pages of journaling that “don’t count”, and most importantly lots of unscheduled time, hours that allow you to silence the usual demanding voices and get in touch with your true creative self. And while we may know that we need this (just like we may know that we should juice every day and do yoga), we rarely give ourselves what we–and more importantly our work—really need, taking care of everyone else first and our creative child last.

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.”

A retreat is just one way to hit that reset button, giving yourself the gift of possibility and a fresh start so that you can bring your best, most imaginative, most original self to your work. So if you have always thought that a retreat was an indulgence you could not afford, maybe it’s time to ask yourself: what is it costing you NOT to?

–xoxo Nancy

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“Missing” in Jellyfish Review

Thank you Jellyfish Review!

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Missing by Nancy Stohlman 

I went into Walmart for a bag of ice, something I never do because I don’t like Walmart, and I don’t like ice, and the ice was located next to the wall of Missing Persons and there I was: missing. My picture, the one I got for my passport last year, was hanging next to an artist’s rendition of what I would look like now, one year later, which was basically the same but with longer bangs, which was exactly what I did look like. I stood there confused, reading my height and weight. It said I was last seen in Walmart one year ago, probably last year when I went camping and also needed ice.

There was a number for info so I called. A woman answered. Missing Person’s Hotline she said.

I want to report a sighting of a missing person I said.


Here, at Walmart. It’s me. I mean, the missing person is me. I’m not missing, I’m right here. I’m not sure what’s going on.

She sounded unconcerned. Let me look in your records she says. Well, it definitely says that you are missing. For nearly 11 months. Where have you been?

I haven’t been anywhere I said.

What have you been doing?

I haven’t been doing much of anything, you know, just doing regular stuff. Who reported me as missing?

All information from sources is kept anonymous she said. You must understand why. People might be afraid to come forward if they had to give their names.

Well can you report me as not missing now? I asked.

Sure. We’ll need you to come down to the police station for fingerprint matching first, though.

I showed up at the station and they sent me to the Missing Person’s wing. I sat in the lobby and it seemed to me that everyone was staring, looking at my picture on the wall and then back at me. One woman finally approached the receptionist and said in a half-whisper — I want to report a missing person sighting.

I can hear you I said. I’m not even missing. There’s been a mistake.

They took my fingerprints, confirmed my identity, and then thanked me for coming forward. It’s only through the diligence of citizens like you that we are able to recover people who might stay missing she said, handing me a wet wipe for my inky fingers.

I went back to Walmart a week later to see if they had removed my poster but it had only been updated: Last seen in Walmart. Please call with any information.



Flash Fiction in Costa Rica with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman

What gift will you give yourself and your writing this year?

Do you dream of uninterrupted days to write in beautiful locations? Do you long to meet, be mentored by, and network with other writers? Are you enamored with flash fiction and want to learn more or refine your work?

Create in Costa Rica 

with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman

January 19-25, 2019– Registration now open!


Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Think long walks through the tropical forest that end on the beaches of the Pacific. Sleeping in the jungles, lulled to sleep by the sounds of crickets and tree frogs. A week to yourself to just focus on your writing. Maybe you can have it all.

More info here

Have a  look around. Watch the slideshow. Ponder. Dream. Let us know what you think. 


Kathy Fish & Nancy Stohlman

P.S. Limited accommodations so sharing encouraged…maybe you’d like to take your writing group someplace exotic?

“Hire-A-Muse” in Blink Ink #30

Here is a gift you can give yourself this holiday season:

Issue #30 of Blink Ink microfictions out now, including my shortie “Hire-A-Muse”

Subscriptions to Blink Ink are cheap and fun!

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